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Top-notch Business Group Ltd is a 100% Ghanaian-owned company based in Takoradi that specializes in providing bespoke recruitment and other business support services to clients. With a special focus in the Mining, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, and Hospitality industries, we continue to work with leading companies and experienced professionals to find that perfect match between job seeker and employer.

At Top-notch, we understand that the success of a company depends largely on its ability to acquire and retain key employees. Our recruitment solutions are therefore tailored to tie into our clients' business objectives.

Top-notch Business Group Ltd. was established in 2010 in response to the major challenge faced by companies in finding local and reliable staffing agencies in the Western Region. Our client base is formed around companies that value the personalized approach of recruiting, instead of the typical recruiting strategy of quantity first and quality second, seen with other staffing agencies. As a socially responsible organization, Top-notch Business Group Ltd. is committed to helping to develop the local workforce for employment opportunities within the region’s booming economy.


The mission of Top-notch Business Group Ltd. is to be the preferred provider of support services to businesses in the selected sectors, and offer excellent customer care and total satisfaction to our clients.


The values that characterize our work are:

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